About Jessica

After spending seven years in the Army, Jessica set out to write novels that would transport readers to new worlds and help them escape reality with messages of underdogs and swoon-worthy romance. After a decade of a successful writing career underneath two pen names, she felt her faith pulling her in a new direction.

Now, she writes sweet romance with messages of faith, hope, and the importance of trusting our hearts and the word of God.

She resides in Texas with her husband of thirteen years, homeschools their three kids, and spends her free time making sourdough.

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    Oh man….. this story gripped me from the beginning and held me until I was done. I fell into this story and was captivated by the couple who had such a rough start. Their relationship grew throughout the story and I fell in love with them and their banter. The way this story is told, was gripping and I was captivated by the thrilling aspect of what was going to happen. The angsty romance, the thrilling mystery, along with the faith based story had me so invested. I truly loved each and every page of this mesmerizing story and I recommend it wholeheartedly. I was truly surprised by how much this book held my heart and the way I was so invested in how it was going to end.

    -Merrit Townsend

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    The slow burn, enemies to lovers romance was so satisfying! I loved Lance. He exemplifies what a man of God should be. The Christian theme woven throughout had me in tears at several points. Overall, I really enjoyed this! Can’t wait to read more of the Coastal Hope series!


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    I absolutely LOVED this book. Many Romantic suspense books have just enough suspense to have their book considered suspense…not Pages of Promises. Every time I’d catch my breath from a close call—another one was pouring in.

    Lance’s faithfulness was inspiring. How he knew God had set Eliza on his path for a reason, didn’t understand why, but remained faithful even in the confusion and sometimes irritation. She was very much set in her ways—understandably so. But the slow build and burn of their romance was so satisfying!

    There were some serious twists and turns that kept me at the edge of my seat and I loved seeing Eliza’s relationship with God develop over time. A phrase Lance repeated was “God never fails us, people do” which was exactly Eliza needed to hear and did come to understand over the course of the book.

    I loved the small-town feel and how their banding together showed Eliza that not everyone is looking to take something from you. Some people help you just because they want to and follow God’s direction.

    -Author Tawni Suchy